We are the
mad ones
The rule breakers, the change makers and the doers of the world. The ones that are being called, mad for just trying. The ones who have the guts to TRY. You can shame their game, but you will not be able to ignore their presence. They push ideas that are out of this world and out of the box. Call it what you want but there is sheer finesse in being this mad.
We are, the mad ones.
the way
the way
the way
we work.
we work.
we work.
We Research

Our eyes are open to the details, information and ever-changing facts and figures that relate to you and your business.

we analyze

Every detail above and below the line is considered meticulously and obsessed over when creating the best campaigns for you!

We discuss
No concept, idea or pitch is finalized without discussing with our clients. Our clients are at the center of the pitch table, we do not just hear what they have to say, we LISTEN.
We deploy

Our priority is reaching your target audience with the right tools. We employ the best talent and use the most effective platforms to deliver your message.

testim onials.
Other Companies Have Bigger Portfolios. Why Should I Work With a Company That’s Actually Called “Madtown”?
Other Companies Have Bigger Portfolios. Why Should I Work With a Company That’s Actually Called “Madtown”?
M. Omerdeen
One Source International Pvt. Ltd.
Managing Director

We are delighted to recommend MadTown to every business out there. Their capability to provide you with marketing materials and run campaigns that exceed your expectations are evidently impressive. I’d like to recommend their services without a doubt for any business type.

Hasitha Herath
Nihonbashi Restaurants Pvt Ltd
Business Development Manager

My engagement with Madtown has been nothing but positive through the year of working together on my business’s marketing campaign. From creative unique artworks, content to planning events, Madtown never fails to impress and bring back unexpected positive results. I recommend Madtown for their exceptional service and expert knowledge in running perfect marketing campaigns.

Fazal Wazir
Suguna Ventures Sarl (Madagascar)
Managing Director

Madtown surpassed my expectations by always delivering above and beyond and even assisting with marketing solutions on weekends for our institute. Since working with Madtown, I have seen a great power in terms of new leads generated. Thank you MadTown for going beyond to provide an excellent service.

Thariq Zuhair-Ul Ameer
Cavani Clothing
Chief Executive Officer

We have been working with MadTown for a while now and we are really impressed with the team’s work. Madtown’s ability to communicate is great. Abdul specially is a very creative profession when it comes to creating artworks. Moreover, the team is very flexible and transparent throughout the process.

Infaz Zaruk
Jetstream Travel
Marketing Manager

An excellent experience from the MadTown agency. First class account management and understanding the importance of results. No hesitation in recommending MadTown to businesses out there.

Michelle Hipwort
Sri Lanka Toy Library/ Play to Learn

MadTown managed to pull together many outstanding events and made an exceptional turn of results for my brand. Team at MadTown has been a great help and communicated every step of the plan with me consistently. Thanks!

ELON 500

Our amazing clients, thank you for believing in us and what we create.

A forum for our rebellious thoughts. Not for the faint-hearted.

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No.14, Sri Priyadarshana Mawatha, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.

No.14, Sri Priyadarshana Mawatha, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.

315 Pitt St, Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.
Cite Sarda Les Peches, Log No 06 Antanimora Antananarivo, Madagascar.